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Cookie statement

This page explains what cookies are, how they work, how to manage them and how we use cookies.

What cookies are

Cookies are small text files that the new Scottish Parliament website puts on your computer. They help this website work.

Cookies collect information about how you use this site so we can make sure it meets your needs. They do not collect information that could be used to identify you personally.

How cookies work

Cookies store information on the device you’re using. This information is sent back to that website each time you visit.

Sometimes this information is essential if you want to use a website's functions. For example, if you need to log in, a cookie will allow the website to recognise your log-in details.

Cookies can also be used to build a profile of your activity on a website. This includes which pages you visit and how long you spend on each page.

A website may use this information to tailor the pages you see on future visits.

Managing or deleting cookies

All recent versions of popular browsers, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, allow you to control cookies.

You can set your browser to:

• accept all cookies

• reject all cookies

• accept or reject only certain cookies

For example, you might be happy to accept a cookie that allows you to log in to a website, but want to reject ones which are used to build a profile of how you use the internet.

You should also be able to set your browser to prompt you each time a cookie is offered.

Visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website to find out how to control or delete cookies.

How we use cookies

We use Google Analytics (GA) to collect information about how you use our website. GA is a tool that produces detailed statistics about website activity. It helps us improve the website’s performance.

We also use cookies to improve your experience on the website. This might include making it quicker and easier for you to find what you need, or remembering your settings.

The cookies we use

Name What it does When it expires
SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE It tracks your multiple visits to in a year. 10 years
ASP.Net_SessionId  It helps with the process of 'caching' (putting data in a temporary storage area) certain things to make the website work better for you. For example, if you change the page to high contrast, it’ll keep that setting until you close your browser. It stores your session temporarily until you close your browser down.






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